Sean McDonald has been making music since he picked up a guitar at the age of 12. A few years later he split time as a high school student during the day, and a drummer playing around the city at night.

Sean then left home as a touring musician, playing everywhere…anywhere.
Every style of music, in every imaginable venue. It was these years, and those experiences, that would become a valuable foundation for his next career as a songwriter and producer.

He returned home to form Sofa King Music Services, a full service production and publishing company, and Red Medicine Recording Studio.

Red Medicine Recording, a multi room recording studio, which includes a lounge, kitchen and loading dock, is Sean’s home base.
Designed from the ground up as a place where the recording process and equipment would never get in the way of the musicians and their creativity. Red Medicine was designed to foster it.

Amassing the regions broadest and deepest collection of vintage and state of the art equipment was only one part. Building a relaxed, musician friendly place, where creativity thrives, was the second.

As a producer, whether it’s working with legendary artists for the PBS “American Soundtrack” and “My Music” series, or guiding young bands through the process of making their first record, Sean is tireless, passionate, and dedicated to capturing and creating compelling music.